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Welcome to this sacred space of sun, of vibrational communion, this multidimensional space.
The Temple of Alliances is part of a much greater geometric structure, created and supported by a number of luminous beings and communities of light belonging to different dimensions, constellations, worlds and planes.
A convergence of energies intra and extra terrestrial, a convergence of the sun, the cosmos and the galaxy. A gathering of conscious beings working in synergy and in partnership with a human collective .
They all respond to a common mission: to server, disseminate and transmit the original informational light, in order to facilitate the raising of consciousness and the return to unity, inherent to the ascension process of the planetary system, of Earth and its humanity.
The Temple of Alliances offers spiritual courses and transmission in Greece (Paros island) linked to high vibrational quality places . A space of healing, of natural joy, of meditation, of reconnection and energetic exchanges with other, multidimensional parts of Self

Main skills are :
from may to october in Paros island, Greece
– Oil massage
– Walks in nature
– Energetic healing
– Meditation silent or guided (through breathing and voice)
– Meetings and courses for spiritual development (more details on “spiritual courses”)

In Love and respect of the Source.
May Love, light, joy radiate in every living being and may unity restore your wisdom, your eternity.

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This site has no spiritual affiliations. Thank you for respecting the freedom of each and every one.