Channeled book


Access to Multidimensional Temples of the new consciousness Sharing of competences between temporal realities.

The book in not yet available in English.
During a two year period we have received Phedora’s messages.
Phedora was a priestess and grand initiate in Ancient Greece. She urges us to share her temporal reality, to gather the eternal present that embraces us all and thus to actively take part in the planetary and human ascensions.Her initiating travels lead to various multidimensional reconnections, stimulate our memories, and enrich our sacred geometry.
Phedora offers to each of us the possibility to visit and time-travel to her “period”, to experience what she did and let ourselves be infused by it.
The “magic” lives in the eternal Present, this point in eternity that gathers us all together, that completes and unites us. From her present she participates in our present and vice versa.
She shares her practices, urges us to find our own in our daily lives in order to serve the project as a group. It is this very simultaneity and reciprocity that spontaneously takes us to the sharing of our respective competences, beyond our incarnations, beyond dimensions and realities. This is a perspective that dissolves all notions of limitation or separateness.

Where can you find the book in French language?

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In Joy and Heart for Sharing