Deep Relaxation and global Harmonization




-Massage: Ayuverdic, Korean Relaxation and Energy Polarization
-Reiki of Mikao Usui Sensei
-Meditation : silent & guided with breathing and visualization practices
-Spiritual Teachings that I have been following for many years

-Revelation of my innate potential and receipt of personal healing symbols (channeling).Combining all these techniques, the oil massage that I practise is guided by intuition, coupled with harmonization & energetic quantum healing.
The oil used is a mixture of olive oil, combined with herbal oil (infused under the sunlight).
Energy healing sessions can be made with or without massage

Session price: 55 euros

What Massage and Energy healing do for you

• Deep relaxation at a body, sentimental & mental level.
• Realization of body blockages in relation to the psyche and the emotion.
• Unlocking and liberation of the emotions (stress, anxiety..)
• Let go of the process of control & resistance.
• Re-connection with the sweetness, peace and harmony in one’s deepest self.
• Expansion of the opening of the heart.
• Re-balance and total re-energization.