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Patmos islandExcerpt from a message in Patmos, October 2015


“…one of the roofs of this world, a balcony of the heavens. The psalms still resonate in me, the prayers dance in flames, they spread in the veins of the world. The trees and the smells speak to each other, narrate the sacred, out of time, always present.
The sacred escapes time. Touched by the eternal it cannot be limited or closed.
It radiates through every stone, every detail. Light untouchable and indelible.
The cypresses stand tall, smile, welcome and send back out what is, what was and what comes, in one single voice.
I felt intensely how nature brings in herself the Love that does not change.
The birds play in the wind, they fly effortlessly, they celebrate tirelessly this contemplative and free of all attachments ease. They let themselves be carried by this surrender that we yearn for so very much. They throw themselves, dive in, laugh in the innocence and they go through the silence of God.
I felt this “sacred multidimensionality” concentrate, reveal itself and speak the most vibrant of its mysteries to the heart of the light. It nourishes from within, calls out to our Love the most naked and pure and true. To feel one in it, through it, by it. To grow in the spaciousness and vastness of the present.
My eyes turned to “here and now” for an instant: what is this world that we have dreamt with such intensity for it to take form?
A prayer for humanity left my heart. A prayer that said, remember this moment of sparkle born out of the heart of our adobe. This moment of externalization so much longed and wished for.
It calls to us to surrender to this harmony so precious and birthed. To recognize this ageless truth. To dare live, to offer it our child-like eyes, big and without measure…”

Message from the Guides of Sun – May 2015

Surrender to being the Self


“It is when you let go of your safety nets and think you are losing balance that you are, at last, going towards the true nature of your being.

Thinking you are losing balance by letting go of your points of reference; this is the most beautiful gift that you can give to your soul.
The gift of letting go all attachments and to have the audacity to go and smile to who you are. To dare approach this step you think “unknown”. You discover that you have nothing to lose. You are only risking the treasure of meeting yourself. Nothing belongs to no-one but the truth of ones’ being born since eternity, for infinity.
Your Spirit escapes every impermanence, like all that is true it exists eternally.
The truth of love is never changing. Only its expression changes; its range is very varied. True love does not die.
Immerse yourself in this truth, let it become your greatest ally, let it be this trust, this security that you are looking for in thousands of things and hundreds of beings.
Feel the purity of your primary heart, unchanged, intact, full of beauty.
You are This, before and after everything else.

Every experience, every step and every path inevitably takes you back to your source.
You grow in order to remember who you ARE.

Take for you a few moments of play and experience, let this feeling of unity move around, this feeling of truth: your “spirit-source”, in you, unchanged, immutable.
Let this breath move through your members, your energetic centers; let this assurance rest in your heart, in your belly.
Welcome the tranquility of this moment, the benevolence of this feeling, the safety, the spaciousness and vastness.
This feeling of emptiness and of plenitude all at once.
You ask for nothing, your expect nothing, you breath in the rhythm of the waves, of the air, of the radiance and the pulse of the sun. feel this ease, this fluidity, this simplicity, this calm.
You are entering the inner space of the jewels of your heart, reachable only through your own love. You are like a child in the middle of a perfect geometry. Let’s play!
Look, you know well “this place and its tools that are here for you”. All those you have cast away, taken back, abandoned, forgotten. Today they are yours again, fully.
You may choose or take back everything in your hands. It never ceased to be yours anyway; it is in fact the only “thing” that belongs to you.

Your power to love, your Divine potential, your qualities. Your tenderness, your newly found-again dreams, your absolute confidence and trust, your faith in this path that is so different from one life to the other, one existence to the other, one place to the other, one form to the other and yet, all yours, all interwoven!
Today, you have this possibility to re-assemble yourself, to reconnect with your enthusiasm, that of your childhoods, that of your pure heart and play… to continue with much less brakes and much more heart and much more faith”.

Message February 2015, from my personnal guides.
A vision of Multidimensionality


“In some dimensions, some space-times it seems that Man’s nature is floundering.
Like stuck for a very long time, conditioned and programmed to be “egocentric”, isolated. Everyone trying to understand their own history, to untangle their inner conflicts in order to try to free themselves. And this becomes possible.
The being was looking into his personal experience, was delving into his past, trying to decode, to remember. He was imagining, he was desiring or fearing his future.
More rarely, he was meeting his present. This is happening now.
Enclosed for such a long time into this linear conditioning, he was facing the difficulty of meeting his own movement, this continuum beyond “himself”, in which he was unconsciously swimming.
Continuum and multidimensionality where nothing is fixed!
Everything expands and changes. His conceptions, his ideas, his thoughts grow, they discover themselves and they gradually reveal themselves.
He meets his consciousness, looks at it differently, opens the pages of the great book: the meeting of his other simultaneous realities.
Those other lives-realities where he exists, those other histories, those other forms or no-forms. His multidimensionality “in stages” (to take a linear image), the parts of himself that experiment, communicate, exchange, create, recreate…
He recognizes this truth that greatly differs from his conditioned ideas, his perception of himself, his mental perceptions.
This truth that cannot be controlled or contained. Only veiled, perhaps slightly sleepy in his depths. He discovers this freedom, this limitless expansion. He recognizes this unity, feels this divine fusion. This responsibility, this discovery is overwhelming at first.

He understands he is no longer the center of his world, or of the worlds!
He is many and thousands all at once. And he is All at the same time. What a marvelous and staggering nature! His consciousness grows, it expands and shows him infinite treasures. He starts to no longer live only for himself, to get out of his trenches.
Shyly, timidly, progressively he enters a dance.
Multiple and infinite. The dance of unity.

A new partnership begins where co-creation and its links show him a greater plan. He can no longer look at things as he was doing before. He takes a step back, he looks at things from “a height”.
This gradual change installs a global vision, a new concept of the world, of himself, of All, of people, of every living being, of relationships, of love, of the universe, of the universes.

He integrates this surprise softly, gently, like a child for whom nothing is impossible, in the eyes of which All is so very vast. A limitless dream, magic, in expansion just like a smile that grows every day. His is changing and grows brighter by the day”.

Message – prayer for the Divine couples, received on 20/01/15


“I know you, I feel you and I love you from the beginning.
In you I see what I hoped for in me for so long.
What you teach me, every day, is to find again the whole breath in my freedom, the spark of my eternal and Divine integrity, coiled in my eyes that look at infinity.
I know you and I find you again, white and gold promise Him/Her that I love since eternity.
The sacred and consecrated union meets in a transcendental sound.
United and fulfilled, my “Sacred Masculine-Feminine” marries his or her ally.
The prayer of our primordial and first soul, androgynous and inherent, fully celebrates the marriage of the energies, of genders and of polarities.
Beyond time and space, together, it is God that we embrace, in truth.
Harmonized love reveals itself, expands and radiates in beauty his free, subtle and immutable power.
Together, we are going to grow, smile, dance, spread the purity of the unlimited heart of the sun”.

Message of 24/01/15
Ego and Heart

sea view in paros island

The demanding work of a lightworker towards himself is in itself a purity of ascension. The ego is the result of our personality. When well guided and oriented, it is an ally to the service of the heart. Our personality very often acts on its own. With the personality, the ego (and its negative and unconscious part) registers and reacts to our deepest fears.

A simple probing question is very often: who in me is speaking and who in me reacts in this moment? Who is holding the reigns? My heart or my ego?
To be conscious of “who is acting in me now” and to whom we are giving “the power” in the moment is important. This requires of course honesty, a certain distancing from ourselves and most importantly much love.
To be in our heart is to learn to unconditionally leave the reigns to her. To surrender to her without counting, blaming, looking to please or manipulate, to get hold of something or to keep something… The responsibility of our actions and of our thoughts in front this “effort” of being. It is to become able of being conscious, simply in the present moment. To give ourselves permission to smile when we recognize the traps set by our ego, more often than not, hurt and wishing to be the only one that speaks, to control and to direct.

It is to accept to reveal our shortcomings, our weaknesses that are hidden “beneath” and to tend to our wounds that have learned to “manage” themselves despite us. It is to accept to observe ourselves, to reconcile with ourselves, to show ourselves just as we are, without embellishments or secrets.
It is to gradually deliver ourselves to this tenderness and to understand our transmutable tenderness by generously embracing it, without judgment. It is positive with compassion to envelop our human dimension that tries to heal, to evolve, to lift itself up in order to allow more space to our divine dimension, every day to a deeper level.
It is to avoid to act a part, a role to defend ourselves or the other once more. Humility is key here. The gentleness of love is master if we are to reach this “letting go” and allow God/Goddess in us to emerge, loving, absolute, and whole.
God is present without forcing I every single particle of living. Have you ever seen Him? He rarely makes waves and usually goes unnoticed! Present in all and so discreet at the same time, as subtle as the smell of a breeze. Cuddled so closely and gently in us that we often forget Him or we don’t even realize He is there.
Patient, He waits our consent, our liberated love to be expressed through us”.

Message for the present

sea view from a monastery of paros island during spiritual workshop

Our healing and that of our Planet requires a radical change that already is under way: a different way of thinking, of acting, of being, of co-existing in this unity of the New consciousness. The Mayan calendar calls it: “The time of all possibilities”, with the notion of time not existing in a linear manner! The stakes are huge, beyond what we can begin to conceive. We are in the heart of climatic, social, quantum, energetic changes…
Great being and signs come into play. For whom is willing to listen…

We feel all the power, the greatness and the acceleration that result from this change in our daily lives. Our reality is shaken. This requires enormous capacities for adaptability, de-cluttering, letting go of our resistances, our egos (the negative parts).
This is the dawn of this new Earth and we are living it! We can see its emergence: becoming “Human”, becoming “One”.
Accept to gradually let go of the weight of false beliefs, fears, sufferings, conditionings… accept to say no to ignorance and forgetting.
Install this smiling distancing, gradually dilute our “I” that has been trapped in exacerbated individualism. Our mind cannot encompass and understand everything.

To be the servant of the heart seems its highest and most noble role. We need to place ourselves in our Heart, to divest ourselves from everything, to surrender to the Grace of nudity, our infinite reality, the very essence of our truth.
To completely let go, surrender… To free ourselves, welcome the Unknown. An original, primordial source goes through each of us and each live experience, bathing minerals, vegetals, animals, oceans, volcanoes, rainbows… This precious “Sap of Life” is the link that will allows us at long last to live together in the loving respect of every living being.

Grounding gives inspiration, life. The Divine resonates in All and excludes nothing and no-one. Spirituality is lived in every cell, every daily action. We are beings of the Universe; incarnated beings of light in a human experience; a common responsibility.
Faith is not something one learns, it is something one knows, feels in the deepest recesses of oneself. The immensity of our multidimensional puzzle can indeed make us dizzy but in the deepest parts of us lives a “memory”, unique and common to all.

It is expresses intensely in the moment. The Wisdom of our ancestors, shamans, many enlightened beings, Masters, Bodhisattvas, they all teach us and whisper to us: bring back the Love to the other, to Self, to the Heart of the Earth and to all living organisms.

A long awaited promise! At last grand ourselves the humility, the gentleness to enter in Love. Forgive ourselves, heal our limitations letting the Divine work through us.
This Omnipresent Light that lives in us, transcends us.
Are we ready to change the way we look at things, to reconsider our History with wonder and wholeness, understanding our multidimensionality that carries it other realities assembled by Unity?

Mantras and Prayers received in 2013

Christ energy icon in paros

“I am my Christ-heart that love in truth
The great sun bathes the consciousness of my lightened heart
Love strengthens my heart and my unified consciousness”

Prayer (transmitted in 2013)


“Earth and Heavens lead the purity of silence, accompany my steps to the great descent inwards.
There I deposit wounds, secrets and everything that is stopping me from being able to love.
I forgive myself and I ask for forgiveness for having being absent for so long.
I let go of doubts, of control and of fears.
This key gives me the chance to open the sacred space in my heart, the one that is allied with the eternal consciousness and the clarity of infinite love.
Where lives the original and the pure truth of the breath of the Spirit.
Humility teaches the desert and the splendor of love.
Christ sees through my eyes the spark that springs from every living being
Tears cease and return to the source where the love that is reveal surpasses all we know.
There the sanctuary of my Christ heart vibrates.
In this space I let the divine light unify me.
Here is reside in the most intimate place in me,
Where I feel the hands of God in mine and pray the divine, the plenitude of the resurrected heart.
I place my offerings of peace and give grace to the eternal”.