Guidance and spiritual development


I spontaneously express the messages I receive and their energies through my writing. This transmission also takes place in a similar manner through my hands during treatments, my voice during the guided meditations, prayers or mantras and through movement in dance.
Some of the written messages can be found under the section “Links” of this site.
These means of transmission are currently under profound transformation and evolution.

For a personalized facilitation

Private sessions in Greece or France are available live, depending on the desired time period, or via telephone or Skype. The facilitation is based on the exchange, dialogue and various “tools” used such as clear-sentience, messages from my guides, spiritual reading cards and energy treatment, where appropriate, depending on the situation or the imbalance observed.
To book an appointment, please contact us.

Temple of Alliances will host extraordinary partners for a group work during seminars in Paros, Greece. These seminars are announced on the Home Page of this site. Most of them take place in French language. You have the possibility to contact us to organize your seminar with your private own group.

In Love and Gratitude